Vintage Bicycle, Modern Excellence

Beauty is the sole ambition, the exclusive goal of Taste.
Charles Baudelaire

In a certain way, French builders dedicated their lives to achieve this ambition; flawless lines, subtle harmony and perfect geometry were all what came with the packaging. Their bikes were designed to match each and every expectations buyers could have had before stepping in the shop. 60 years later, these bicycles still live up to their reputation. If we had to make a list of builders who inspired us, it would be as following:  Alex Singer, Bailleul, Camille Daudon, Emeriau, Hurtu, Jo Routens, Longoni, Louis Pitard, Maury, Nicola Barra, Paul Charrel, R. Andre, Rene Herse, Schultz, Uldry and so many more.  Thanks to the gifted hands of  these men, exquisite machines have seen the light. Most of the components equipping these bicycles were specially hand-made, displaying the incredible skills of their makers.

Unfortunately, la roue tourne* and what was expected by the customers 60 years ago has nothing to do with what people are looking for nowadays, thus most of these legendary builders stopped their occupations. Alex Singer is the last one standing.

It also explains why we had to pay tribute to these lost heroes through this blog.

*Things changed, literraly in French “the wheel spins”

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