Paul Fournel’s Besoin de vélo

Paul Fournel's Besoin de vélo

“The bicycle is a technic witch have the elegance of concealing its smartness”
Paul Fournel

The french writer Paul Fournel (1947 –  ) is also an emeritus cyclist. Joining his “job” and his “hobby” he wrote Besoin de vélo(Need for the bike) in 2001. He told us about his first falls, the cycling trips, the competition and of course, the Tour de France, etc in plenty of short novels witch anecdotes, remembrances of Jacques Anquetil, Raymond Poulidor, but also Louis Nouvet or Alex Singer … He relate cyclist’s pains – fatigue, hunger but also the joy of riding, alone, smelling falvours of the countryside, or with friends “the pleasure of sharing nice bicycles things, viewed things, feeled things, heat, effort, and the happiness of jostle for first place”

Reading this I really felt a good transcription of the french cycling culture, and the stories narrated reminded me lot of family or friend  related to bicycle memories, but written under a great writer’s pen.

This is a real basic in cycling’s books, and you can find it quite easily … summer’s not finished yet !

You can find the english translation (by Allan Stoekl) here

One Response to “Paul Fournel’s Besoin de vélo”
  1. mutchix says:

    There’s also his very good “Méli-Vélo : Abécédaire amoureux du vélo”, full of amusing and interesting cyclong anecdotes too…

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