La Patrimoine September 16th – part 1 : people and bicycles

La Patrimoine second edition took place in Favières, near to Paris. It occurred during “Les journées du Patrimoine”: this annual programme offers opportunities to visit buildings, monuments and sites, many of which are not normally accessible to the public. It aims to widen access and foster care for architectural and environmental heritage. These events are also known as Open Doors Days in English-speaking countries. For instance, in Paris, you can spend your day visiting for free French museums and Historical buildings … When it comes to Concours d’Elégance’s preferences, let’s just say we’re more interested into old bicycle !

Sorry for the late report, we were waiting for some nice pictures and we finally received those of our Japanese friend Ryosuke Kawai :

Romain's Bernard Carré

Romain was there with his nicely restored Bernard Carre

Like in all historic cycling events, there are tons of road bicycles from the 60’s / 70’s / 80’s :

Vincent and his Vitus from the KAS Mavic team

Vitus Mavic Kas – the owner, Vincent, is a pure Mavic addict and has the whole team outfit !

Mercier, Pinarello, Peugeot, Olmo, Wolhauser, Francesco Moser … all the great names are here !

Valentin on his Pinarello

White socks, black shoes & bib, matching jersey & cap … definitely a fancy Pinarello rider


Wolhauser Lyon

Francesco Moser

You can also admire older bicycles, like this 1910’s ride …

Ben's 1910

… or some prefer daily bicycles, these two examples were the result of an amazing job (we had the chance to see them in the “sortie de grange” state)

Clément and Florent

Locomotive driver

This locomotive driver won the outfit contest !

There were also several ladies, with dresses of course !

But the specificity of this event is the cool atmosphere, we all had a good meal after the ride :

Now, it’s time to thanks the organization for the event, the lunch and the good times shared !

For more informations, click here

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