Stalen Ros Gand 2012

Lille guys in Ghent

Each and every year, in late October, a bike show occurs in the city of Ghent, Belgium. This event takes place in the velodrome hosting the famous 6 days of cycling. For the record, this 250,000-inhabitants city has two velodromes ! We’re for sure in the track-cyclists heaven.

Here’s few pictures we took.

Sorry for the quality, the luminosity was quite bad in the velodrome.

Cinelli Super Pista

ex-Jean Pierre Monseré

Ti Raleigh

Alan time trial

Alan track

Gios Torino pista

Gazelle seat area detail

RIH sport track

track bike

general view

Here’s the Flickr album to get high-res pictures.

2 Responses to “Stalen Ros Gand 2012”
  1. Ian Da Costa says:

    Philippe & Andre! Thank you for everything! Great show and time in Gent! Can’t wait for the next one! Abraço! Ian

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