A Modern élégance : Pedimoto #9

Pedimoto touring bike randonneuse

I ‘ve been waiting a long time for a modern touring bike, to really accomplish long distance rides and access to nowadays technology : Shifters, 9-speed rear derailler, modern lighting, etc.

I purchased the framekit last summer on eBay and took the time to find the right components.

I wanted simple and reliable components so I mainly choosed Shimano parts, I mixed them with old stuff like the Idéale saddle or the AVA inspired Nitto handlebar.

A little bik-check:

frame : Pedimoto n°9 62×60
handlebar : Nitto Randonneur 45cm
stem : generic 80mm
grips : Specialized Roubaix
shifters : Shimano Dura-Ace 7700
brakes : 90’s Shimano cantis and Koolstop pads
seatpost : aluminium generic
seat : vintage Idéale (was on my Lagrange)
hubs : Shimano 105
rims : Mavic A119 36 holes
tyres : Continental Gran Prix
front derailler : Shimano Sora
rear derailler : Shimano XT
cassett : Shimano 9V 11/34
crankset : FSA Vero 52/42/32 – 175mm cranks
pedals : Time Atac
fenders : generics
racks : Pedimoto
bag : Inside Line Equipement sur-mesure

Here’s few pictures, go here for hi-res versions.

detail of the Pedimoto

seatstays Pedimoto
triple triangle
Inside Line Equipement bag
Custom Inside Line Equipement bag, and 7700 Dura-Ace shifters (3×9 speeds)

transmission Pedimoto

Pedimoto touring bike randonneuse
general view
One Response to “A Modern élégance : Pedimoto #9”
  1. clem_shovel says:

    Great bike, the leg reflector on the seatpost look bad ;). 32X34 ratio you can climb a tree.

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