An élégance clothing : Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt

summer ride
When riding bicycles, it’s always pleasant to enjoy a good ride. Our passion for the finest components force us to look for the finest cycling apparel. If you ride your bike regularly and are bored with unadapted products, then you need to check out this bunch of dream-fulfiller Enlish guys producing bicycle clothes under the Rapha name.

When coming back from SSEC in April, days became warmer and flowers hatched … after a long and hard winter, it was finally spring ! I was really surprised when I discovered a Rapha package in my letter box. I want to thanks Franziska for sending me this sample of the summer/spring collection: the Short Sleeve Shirt

At the first sight, I was really impressed by the quality of the work done, seams are really neat and the tailoring as well as the fabric are unique and top notch. No standard material is used at Rapha’s and everything is made to match the needs of a technical product.

Remarkable attention was given to the sewing job.

Remarkable attention was given to the sewing job.

Shirt details

Rapha products usually have a little text about the cycling world, adding a qualitative and luxurious detail.


Front pocket detail, with a classy stitching

The back pocket is useful to put your wallet, keys, etc.

The back pocket is useful to put your wallet, keys, etc.

I couldn’t resist so I decided to go for a 60kms ride on a sunny afternoon, with my friend Wichlor.

summer ride

The lightness of the shirt is really appreciable on summer rides

After few months of use, mixing long rides and commutes, sporty trips or urban /professional use, I was very surprised by this shirt. Efficient from both a technical and stylish point of view, it’s really cool to ride with an adapted product,  not looking like a Sunday cyclist wearing a ProTour jersey, but rather like as a normal gentleman cruising in the city. The lightweight material is really appreciated on warm days and dries quickly, which is important in case of heavy sweat effort.

Some details  have to be changed, like the reflecting square on the right back side … it might come useful in left-hand drive countries but it is less efficient in France, where the product was tested. I’d also liked to have more than one front pocket, because I often carry lots of articles. My main ride is a touring bike with a handlebar bag but lots of commuters don’t have this stuff …

To conclude, I really adopted this shirt, especially for commuting which is its first role. Even on longer rides it’s still comfortable and do the job. Please note that after several washes everything is still perfect, suggesting a long product life … keep this in mind when paying the hurting price of quality.

After ride beer

Fine bicycles, fine beers, and fine clothes ! The shirt is ideal for both going out in a classy outfit or riding/commuting.

top hill view

At the top of Notre Dame de Lorette hill.

(pictures are from Samuel Becuwe and Rapha)

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