An élégance clothing : Rapha Short Sleeve Shirt

summer ride

When riding bicycles, it’s always pleasant to enjoy a good ride. Our passion for the finest components force us to look for the finest cycling apparel. If you ride your bike regularly and are bored with unadapted products, then you need to check out this bunch of dream-fulfiller Enlish guys producing bicycle clothes under the Rapha … Continue reading

Stay out of problems, don’t get your hands dirty

If it is something quite rare now, bicycle industry had its share of unusual hubs in the past. We all know about the chain holder that Singer or Herse were putting on their bike, using either stock/redesigned Nivex rear-end or custom made “porta catena” with Nivex or Cyclo derailleur (we we will write more spefically … Continue reading

Alex Singer 1946 Catalogue

A very interesting 1946 catalogue from the well known Alex Singer. All the classic bicycles offered by this famous brand are displayed one by one, from the high end Galibier to the “cheaper” Federal model. At the end, we can also discover some of the technical specialties that made Alex Singer one of the most … Continue reading

René Herse: From paper sketches to reality

You all know about Rene Herse, his famous bicycles and the cult following this regretted builder. We decided to pay tribute to his work by comparing one of his bicycle to equally famous Rebour’s drawings. Those drawings have been found in our archives and are a perfect illustration of what are still considered to be … Continue reading


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